Cube67 is a modular and flexible field bus automation system. A newly developed extension
module provides more power to the bus system to assist in the operation of high power demand
valves and other devices.
With 16 multifunctional 1.6 A input or output points and an additional 16 output points with up
to 2A each, it is perfectly suited for applications like hydraulic valve management. Thanks to the
increased power and the dual configuration options of the ports, double valves can be conveniently
connected to one port on the module.
This I/O module processes up to 32 signals in a compact and robust package allowing for flexibility
in circuit design and expansion. Two separate load voltage circuits with up to 9 A can be realized via
every 7/8” connector. Thus, four voltage circuits with 9A each can be realized within this single module.
As the I/O module is designed as an extension module, the system can be directly connected to additional
modules allowing for increased I/O management under one bus node.
Cube67 stands for efficient and economic solutions. The innovative fieldbus system from
Murrelektronik has radically simplified and modernized decentralized installation. Now we
present Cube67+ with a plus for increased flexibility. Cube67+ is a new, innovative bus node.
With this module Murrelektronik expands its tried and tested Cube67 system. It allows fieldbus
installations to be even more application-oriented.
Cube67+: the plus stands for…
Cube67+: the plus stands for increased flexibility in decentralized installation technology with
                       even more modules, longer cables, and higher performance.
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                                                 CUBE 67 from MurrElektronik

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