Leuze Electronic, Inc. offers an extensive line of safety and automation products including
    Safety Light Curtains and Grids, state of the art Laser Area Scanners, Optoelectronic devices
         including a full line of Sensor Products, Barcode Readers for both Standard and 2-D
                     applications as well as innovative Optical Data Transmission Systems.
            If your production line requires protection, detection or analytical information,
          Leuze Electronic is a complete line to cover all your needs at competitive prices!


            Optical Data Transmission              Safety Laser Scanner                  OptoElectronic Sensors


     Distance Measuring/Positioning            Safety Light Curtains                  Bar Code Positioning Systems  


                                     Also available from Leuze Electronic:

   Throughbeam Photo Electric Sensors            

                                                                               318 B Series           L28 Series


            Cylindrical Sensors:   

                                                    412 Series            318 Series            618 Series            


            Fiber Optic Amplifiers:          Mini Sensors:                 


            Fork Sensors:              


            Ultrasonic Sensors:                                 

                                              8 Series      18 Series       418 Series       420 Series      430 Series


          Fiber Optic Sensors: 



        Color/Contrast/Luminescence Scanners                Double Sheet Monitoring/Splice Detection


                           Kontour Flex    Vario B   CML700i

                  2D Barcode Readers                        Measuring and Switching Light Curtains

Leuze Electronics also offers a full line of safety products;
                                including devices that function on ProfiSafe or As-i bus systems!


  Safety Light Curtains       Area Laser Scanner    Multi-Beam Light Curtains      Safety Relays


Safety Sensor Systems                       Safety Switches                Single Beam Safety Sensors  

What's New From Leuze Electronic!!


                                                Programmable Safety Modules from Leuze - MSI 100 Series


  • MSI 100 - 20 safe inputs Light curtains, E-STOP buttons, two-hand controls, safety interlocks, etc.
  • MSI 200 Modular & expandable to 140 safety modules or 44 drive components
  • Light curtains, E-STOP buttons, two-hand controls, safety interlocks, etc.
  • MSI-FB interface modules enable the MSI 100 or 200 to transfer diagnostic data to the PLC via Field Bus.
  • Small size Only 67.5mm wide.
  • Free of charge software - PLCopen safety certified MSIsafesoft.
  • Drag & drop programming, with built in simulator Fast and easy.

      Connect all of your Safety Devices to a single Programmable Safety Module!!!                     

                                                                          MSI100 catalog pages.pdf

                                                                               MSI100 manual.pdf
                                                                        MSI100 quick start guide.pdf
                                                                        MSI 64 Bit Drivers (ZIP File) 

             Multi-Beam Light Curtain From Leuze!


                                                                        Click Here For an MLD Overview Video

                                                                                  MLD catalog pages.pdf

                                                                                        MLD manual.pdf

                                                                                      MLD Overview.pdf


              Vision and Barcode Scanner All in One!


                                                                           LSIS400i catalog pages.pdf

                                                                               LSIS400i manual.pdf

                                                                              LSIS400i overview.pdf

                                                                              LSIS400i webconfig.pdf 


    Leuze Electronic 2013 Catalogs
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    Iris Electronics, Inc.
    549 Leisure Street
    Livermore, CA 94551
    Ph:   800-335-4747
    Fax: 925-449-8351


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